Monday, September 28, 2015

3 Day escapade to Indonesia - Bandung

2 times Singapore was hit with haze - by chance, it was during my overseas trips.
This time however, I was anticipating the worse as I was going to the Haze creation country - Indonesia. But alas, the air when I reached Jarkarta and then Bandung, was FRESH AIR.
It was then explained to me Singapore was near Sumatra while I was in the other tip of Indonesia (no wonder the Indon ministers do not see the seriousness of the situation)

Well, shall stop my harping about Haze.

Reached Jarkarta and made our way to the hotel - All seasons Jakarta Gajah Mada
(It took us 1.5 hours with the jam to get to our hotel) costing us 150,000 Rupiah.
Out of the airport, look for the blue bird taxi stand and let them know the address. Its all metered but their meter seems to move really fast. The hotel was very comfortable and clean and had wonderful array of breakfast buffet choices.

After breakfast, we made our way to Bandung where my cousin was teaching. The roads were good and it only took around 2 hours to get there.

Famished, we stopped by an Indon restaurant for the famous grilled fish. I loved the sweetness of the fish from the seasoning. But because Bandung was not near the sea,I've tasted fresher fish. 
And we spend the night at Anggrek Shopping Hotel which was beside Yogya department store. Jl. RE. Martadinata no 15Bandung 40115Indonesia

The location was very central to the food places and outlet stores.

Next morning, as my cousin was teaching, we hired a driver ( only cost 30000) and we made our way to Miss Bee Providore - which was around 30-45 min away from the hotel. But well worth the ride.

Its a fantastic place for people with young children for its playground and rabbits 

Here you can feed and touch the rabbits and play the see saw and swings.

Its atmosphere was very relaxing. Specially since its on top of the hill hence very cooling.

And thumbs up for its food and drinks and most importantly at affordable prices!
My parents and relatives were  too hungry and gobbled up the food before I came back - Sad! anyway I tried the Indon duck dish which was amazing. My mum tried the Cabonara which she loved it and had another round after. My dad's ox tail which I find so so. My aunty tried the tofu mushroom which I also think was soso.

But the drinks - awesomeness!
Berrylicious - Watermelon and strawberry etc etc
Could sit there all day long

Night time, we decided to go for the local famous satay place walking distance from our hotel. When we reached however we were told only chicken and beef left. The 'pengkan' taste was nice but the meat.. hmm.
Oh but the sauce made up for it!

Next morning with some time on our hand, we made our way further up where many travel blogs touch on. However as we had young children with us, we could only make it till a certain distance.

Fried chicken along the way.

Up up the winding hills.
* warning: Do pop some car sick pills if you need

Gorgeous view and air!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pulau ubin Getaway

Finally its holiday.
Chancing upon this opportunity, decided to explore the islands around Singapore.
Being somewhat a nature lover, off to Pulau Ubin for the raved about Chek Jawa. 

And just as my brother guessed, the queues were crazy long. But very efficient.
We only queued for around half an hour considering there were close to 200 people ahead of us. And everyone was very orderly.
 *Important to note: There is no free public parking despite online saying so. 
Carpark waiting will take around 1 hour. 

To get to Pulau Ubin, the below buses will get you to Changi Interchange/ nearby area.

Service Destination Notes
2 New Bridge Road
29 Tampines Looping Point
59 Bishan
109 Serangoon

Once there look out for Changi Point Ferry Terminal. To get to the bumboats, go down the stairs at the Terminal. (If there is a queue, join the queue.. confirm its for Pulau Ubin) 

This Terminal also serves those going to Penggerang, Johor. Its a seperate counter down the stairs. So be sure to join the correct queue for Pulau Ubin.
Cost of the bumboat: $2.50/person. Maximum 12 passengers. Additional $2 per bicycle.

Just join the queue and the boats will leave when they have 12 persons. If there are less than 12 persons, you might have to wait a little while until enough people turn up. Or you can pay $30 and go straight away. 

A very short ride. Perhaps half an hour? So no worries about being sea sick. 

*Oh yes, do bring along some food because along the walk to Chek Jawa, there is no food or vending machines for drinks, so pack well. But if you forgot, there are convenience stores when you reach Pulau Ubin, you can buy chips drinks etc at affordable prices.
And its lovely picnicking there. Stay tune for the scenery.  

The Pulau Ubin jetty greeting us with its majestic flags.  They were having some kind of chinese god festival.

Very clear signs around to guide you where to go.
So no worries about being lost.

You can choose to rent bicycles or walk.
Either way its tiring. Imagine cycling up rocky up slopes (But when there's up there's also down)

Along the way, you might meet with Mr Boar rummaging plastic bags and trying to find food. Stay away and not agitate it and you'll be fine.

Trying to spot the tadpoles.

And mud crabs hiding in their holes.

There are a few routes. 
1. Mangrove Trail which is a longer route but ends up at this beautiful place.
Where one can spot planes flying over to Changi, groups having picnic and couples strolling.

Route 2
House No. 1 to enjoy the view of the pier, Pulau Sekudu and to take a short rest.

Just as all my travels, spot the number plate. PU = Pulau Ubin!

And mr monkey trying to stop my path. 
Nono! I'm going back home! (Haha)

It was a very good exercise. (Had sore legs after)
But sadly we didn't get to take photos like the other photography blogs because we went during the high tide. Till the next time!

*Oh before I forget, when you are back at Changi. Do drop by the hawker for our local delicacies and my favorite Red Tea jelly with longan (Hong Cha Long Yan)

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